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Dina Hamida
Address Sorgenfrivägen 69, 214 38, Malmö
Work 0739526637
Mobile 0765841901
Email effronterymovement@gmail.com
Other information
Founded 2019
Financial year begins (MMDD) 0805
National organisation
Activity Dans
Summary About Effrontery Movement
We are dance artists, teachers and activists. We are queer, feminist, body-positive and anti-racist. Effrontery means to act shamelessly. For us it means daring to use dance and movement to explore and express queerness, wildness, integrity, resistance, shame, anger, power and love. We work with various communities including people with physical and cognitive disabilities, children, teenagers/youth, women and non-binary folks. In spring 2020 we did our first performance as a collective, called They told me I'm inappropriate, performed at Vinterlund in Lund and at Danscentrum Syd in Malmö.

Dina Matskevich is a Russian-Syrian contemporary performer and photographer. Her movement practice is based in Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance and yoga. In her artistic work, she draws from her experience as a queer woman in Russia and the Middle East, her experience as a teacher and her studies in biotechnology at the University of Aleppo. She has been dancing and performing solo and with groups both in Mamlö and Lund such as the SWOP dance group at Skånes Dansteater. She is currently leading a movement research group at Danscentrum Syd called Dancing from the Hips using Tribal Fusion, contemporary dance and yoga.

Aurora Westfelt is an educator, dance artist and activist from Stockholm. She completed contemporary dance training at North Karelia College in Outukumpu, Finland 2007-2010. She has also studied Contact Improvisation intensively with Joerg Hassmann. She has been organizing Radical Contact meetings (contact improvisation and Body politics) and in her dance teaching she draws in her knowledge and exploration of body and identity, norms and oppression. She has been leading Authentic Movement, contact improv and expressive movement classes with SWOP dance club, activist groups and Folkhögskolor. Since 2019 she has been researching and creating the work and community dance project Gå iväg, Stanna kvar with Emelia.

Emelia Koberg is a Swedish-Canadian dance artist, performer and activist. She studied Dance and Somatics with a focus on Contact Improvisation at Itä-Suomen Liikuntaopisto in Joensuu, Finland 2017-18. She has done intensive dance training with contemporary teachers David Zambrano and Edivaldo Ernesto. She is also a certified yoga and acroyoga teacher and draws on her various movement backgrounds to find new ways to create space for connection, aliveness, belonging, listening and sharing our stories. She enjoys working with different groups such as leading dance and acroyoga classes for people with disabilities and youth. She is currently dancing with Graham Adey for the piece Chromatics and producing Gå iväg, Stanna kvar with Aurora.
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