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Latest update: 10/16/2023
Cirkus Syd Create contactcard (vcf-file) for Cirkus Syd
Address Kastenjegatan 13, 223 59, Lund
Mobile 0738708262
Other information
Founded 2018
Financial year begins (MMDD) 0101
National organisation
Activity Cirkus, Debatt, Forskning, Innovation, Konst
Summary Cirkus Syd - networking platform for research, development and innovation:
Cirkus Syd works to establish a new research platform to connect people, ideas and practises across borders and genres. We work in the cultural sphere using our expertise in contemporary circus arts, collaborate to inspire structural development and new opportunities. We are excited by innovation, entrepreneurship, DIY, DIT and artistic research and champion culture as agent for democratic participation.
Between 2020-2022 we are co-hosts of Baltic Nordic Circus Network and manage all the networks activities and projects from our offices at Stenkrossen:
We are building an increasingly growing local and international membership base and invite collaborators, partners and stakeholders to create visionary and developmental projects bringing people together to explore transdisciplinary cultural practises in our society.
Utsk. fören.typ Ideell förening
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